Cumbres Calchaquies Traverse 70km 10 summits + 4500m 3 days.

We start from Ampimpa el chaupi! One day Friday with Paula, Patricio and Yó, there we were waiting for a baqueano friends to load our equipment, to the valley of amaicheños and climb faster!

Upon arriving at the chaupi it was 9am. We were able to accommodate loads and leave with the crossing at 11pm, After a few hours we were at the main edge 4300m.

We pass a landmark called Bles! For a Belgian who lived in Amaicha del Valle and used to go around the area. We continue along the edge in the North direction, to face the first peak the Morro of the lagoon of 4452m. From this summit, we can appreciate half of the valley, between Laguna Amaicheños and Vaca Huasi, accompanied by Cerro Morado of 4674m. In passing we could make this first summit, take photographs of the lagoon and continue on one shoulder, arriving behind the shelter in Cerro Morado. Top photos there and to rest!

We used the shelter of this summit, to be able to rest the body, since we had 2100m of unevenness in about 6 hours of trekking and we were missing, 8 more peaks, the following days! Nothing better than a good mattress to rest!

It was 4.30am, let's go cougars !! to get up, Pau curled up as a vibrator, Pato and ready eager we were not knowing where and when to finish touring the missing ground! Breakfast of champions, mate, country bread and we go out! we cross the Morado Hill in the Southwest direction, we enter through the valley coll passing through small lagoon at 4300m and we walk, we walk 4 hours until we reach the foot of the Isabel Hill at 4400m, there we leave our loads, we organize necessary equipment, light we begin the ascent to Isabel of 4750m. after a couple of hours, we were at its peak; photos with the boys and we return to the camp, to pick up the material and go to Laguna Vaca Huasi and ascend the Negrito Hill of 4660m.

15:00 pm, we left from Vaca Huasi at 4300m, at 5:00 pm we climbed the Negrito, we filled in testimonials in a top notebook and we continued to the pot, where we would assemble the bivouac.

Night of the bivouac, My birthday n ° 35, we needed 6 tops and we completed the tour with 55km of mountain. The next day we would continue east to cross other peaks!

9:00 am breakfast, birthday celebration with two great friends, excellent people behaved very well, We went for a walk 9.40am we climbed the wall of the pot to enter the valley between Cerro Alto de las Nieves, Tomi, Bayo and Callado, these three at 4400m approx. Alto de las Nieves of 4634m. Tomi of 4440m, Bayo with its 4380m and Cerro Callado of 4500m were waiting for us. We go up the western edge addressing the main shoulder sector in Alto de las Nieves, we schedule testimony, we go down to the main valley, we leave the heavy equipment and continue with Tomi of 4440m, in this I left a drawing of my son Tomás who draws me to always leave in the peaks that it travels, with this enthusiasm and pleasure, I leave you with pleasure in different; We go down again to the main valley, we load the materials, we continue the step by approaching the Cerro Bayo summit and testimony, there we take about 25min to rest and recover legs!

Following the Bay we had to go down to 4000m where we would meet the main shoulder and pass through Cerro Horqueta and Cerro Pabellon both between the same shoulder not less than 8km away!

The latter were the challenge, we had about 60km with a long day, heated and loaded! At 3:00 p.m. Juan José was waiting for us at the top of the Pavilion, faithful companion of life! who would take us to look for our vehicle in ampimpa that same day!

We pass through Cerro Horquetas of 3780m and then enter the Pavilion of 3750m at 16:00 pm. There we celebrated with Juan José on his birthday, we rested and began the return! It was 7:00 pm and we were in the car at the foot of the Pavilion. we completed the crossing! 70km of mountain very happy, we celebrated, we enjoyed dinner in Tafi del Valle.

I thank Patricio Valenti and Paula Miranda, both excellent people, friends, who accompany the steps on the mountain, share their desire and personal challenges!

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